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I never laugh.
I never smile.
I never speak.
I am too 'shy'.

What they did to me,
It was too hard.
I wasn't strong enough,
In my heart, it is dark.

I want to see them bleed.
I want to see them cry.
I want to kill them .
Just let me try.

I'm not that weak,
I can do that.
I tell you what's wrong with me,
I am mad.

It makes me happy,
Happy, too see them cry.
I would just laugh at them,
And show them my insane smile.

Yes, maybe I am insane,
One day I'll kill them.
I show them how it is to suffer,
Who's that helpless child then?

They'll all be dead soon.
And they'll see,
see and regret,
everything that they did to me.
I'll kill them...
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December 27, 2012
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